6 Feet Jewelry for Brides to Complete Their Bridal Look

feet jewellery

Wedding planning is fun, and while there are tons of things that the bride and groom need to take care of, there are some extra things that only the bride can take care of. From finalizing outfits to makeup and hairstylist and finalizing the accessories, a bride has a lot to take care of. And when we talk about accessories, necklaces and earrings are common, we often miss the jewelry pieces for feet that the bride needs to consider. The feet jewelry not only bedazzles the feet but adds extra shimmer and shine to your bride look. So if you are getting married soon, as a bride, here are six jewelry pieces for your feet that you must buy for your wedding

Feet Jewelry Every Bride Should Consider For Bridal Look

  1. Opt For Gotta Patti: When we talk about Gotta Patti, people consider it as a part of the outfits; however, Gotta Patti can also be used as feet jewelry. It is lightweight jewelry that adds more sparkle to your feet without making it too heavy. It looks elegant, adds more to your outfit, and will make you stand out as a bride. You can opt for a Gotta Patti feet jewelry for your haldi or mehndi and rock the bridal look. From floral to heavy embroidery, there are many options for you to choose from. 
  1. Dangling Anklets: If you are planning to wear an anklet at one of your wedding functions, how about taking it a notch higher by wearing them dangling? Well, you can use dangling chains, add some floral touch to them, attach it to your anklet and make your feet shine. This dangling anklet will definitely give some goals to another bride-to-be, and we are sure you will love donning it too. You can either opt for floral danglers or go all out with gotta Patti or select a contrast color keeping your outfit in mind; the choice is yours. 
  1. Boho Vibes: If you are planning to go all Boho for your sangeet or Mehendi, how about wearing some feet jewelry on your feet. The loud, chunky silver jewelry will not only add more to your outfit but will give your feet a new shine. From chic pieces to some quirky ones, there's a lot to choose from. You can pick the jewelry keeping your wedding outfits in mind. More beads, mirror work, and anklet bells will make you stand out from the rest of the brides, and we are sure your friends will equally love the look. 
  1. Go All Out With Florals: You are a bride, and nothing is too extra for you. So for your feet jewelry, how about using some flowers? Floral jewelry is in fashion and will stay in trend for years. And the best way to make the most of them is by adding natural ferns around your feet. If your outfit is subtle and simple - the floral anklets can help you elevate the look. You can try adding roses, marigolds, and other pretty flowers to your anklets, and we are sure your feet will look radiant. You can match your floral anklets with your footwear, and they will look more fashionable than before. 
  1. Ethnic Anklets: It's your wedding, and as a bride, if you are planning to go all traditional, then a heavy silver anklet should be your pick. The heavy anklet with loads of anklet bells will make you look royal. Pair a simple pair of jooti with this feet jewelry to achieve the desired look. And if you are planning to wear a red lehenga, trust us, you cannot miss out on this feet jewelry. It will not only look picture-perfect but will also let you make the noise and grab all the attention that you deserve. You can either add anklet bells or pearls; however, you have to try the traditional look. 
  1. Motifs Anklets: Planning to elevate your style game with some feet jewelry? If yes, then dear bride, how about choosing motifs for your wedding? They are traditional and chic, and when you pair them with a Payal, they look next level. There are varied options of motifs that you can choose from, so go all out and choose the best one. From baarat to flowers, there are many designs available, and trust us - motifs are always in style. They are a bit heavy, but they add all-glam to your feet and go well with your lehengas, sarees, and suits. 

So dear bride, if you are getting hitched soon, don’t forget to add these feet jewelry to your list. On that note, which one from the above-mentioned list is your fav? Let us know in the comments below. 

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