6 Beauty Visits Brides Should Plan A Month Before The Wedding

beauty visits

As a little girl, while growing up, you must have imagined yourself to be the best bride in the world. From your outfits to jewellery - you have dreamed of everything to be perfect. And while you sort all of this, one thing that you shouldn't miss out on is a beauty treatment. Pampering your skin and ensuring that it's in the best health is very important. And for that to happen, there are certain beauty visits that you must make at least a month before the wedding. Now, if you are wondering what those are? We have created the perfect beauty guide for you.

Read on, and don't forget to add these visits to your bridal to-dos. 

Don’t Forget to Make Beauty Visits  A Month Prior To The Wedding 

  1. A Visit To The Dermatologist: A month before your wedding, making an appointment at your dermats' clinic is a must. You should do this before starting the makeup trials so that your skin doesn't break out in between. If you have acne or skin discolouration, you should get that sorted first and then only focus on other beauty treatments. It's necessary to take care of your skin, especially before the wedding. Ask your doctor to prescribe you a skincare routine for the wedding and follow it religiously. You can also ask them if there are products that you must avoid using for your bridal makeup. Your dermatologist understands your skin the best, so don't shy away from asking your doubts. 
  1. Hair Stylist: One thing every bride should keep in mind: experimenting with your hair colour a few days before the wedding is a big NO. So if you are planning to opt for different hair colours for the wedding, visit your hairstylist at least a month in advance. Consult them and see which colour will complement your overall bridal look. Besides, if you don't like the final look, you can always change it before the wedding. And while you are at it, get a haircut done too, since cutting your hair a few days before the wedding will create a problem for your hairstylist. So before finalizing your hairstyle and looking for the wedding, get these things sorted. And this is one of the beauty visits you have to do the month before the wedding and no later than that. 
  1. Finalizing The Makeup Artist: It's your special day, and you want to look like the bride of your dreams at your wedding, and for that, opting for the right makeup look is quite important. So instead of waiting till the last month, book your makeup artist - a month or two in advance. Go to various artists, explain to them the look you are planning to achieve, take trials, and then based on it, you can make the final pick. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot change your makeup artist in the end, so be very choosy when it comes to this particular task.
  1. Visiting The Facialist: This is one of the most vital beauty visits you cannot skip out on. Your skin needs to look and feel fresh, and for that, you should make appointments at spas and facial centres a month ago. They have special skin care packages for the bride that you must opt for. And before finalizing any package, let them check your skin condition first, and based on that, opt for the package. If your dermat has suggested some particular creams, let them know in advance. While you will do multiple facials before the wedding, the one where you get the bridal glow should be done 5 days before the wedding so that it gets enough time to rest on your face.
  1. Dentist: If you want to get your teeth cleaned or want to opt for a skin whitening treatment, doing so before the wedding is a great idea. You can do this 15 days before the wedding to see the correct results. And if you have some pending dental treatment left, don't forget to start the treatment a month before - this way, you will get to things slowly. Remember, this is one beauty visit you shouldn't miss because you don't want to have a toothache at your wedding functions, so it's better to get everything done before. 
  1. Manicure & Pedicure: Again, this is something that can be done a week before the marriage- however, you should get a basic one - a month before the wedding too. This way, you not only have clean feet but will also have good nails for the pre-wedding shoots and other functions. You can go to any regular salon - they have special mani-pedi offers for the bride - so you can check that too.  

Dear bride, we know you will have a lot to do and work on before your wedding. Hence beauty visits are something that you should prioritize a month before your wedding. Like your outfits and other things, pampering your skin and body is equally important too, so don't miss out on any of these visits. The earlier you start, the better results you get. 

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