5 Ways To Dress Up Simple And Yet Look Like An Absolute Telugu Bride In Telugu Matrimonial

Telgu Matrimony

South Indian weddings are simple, elegant, and filled with culture and rituals, and we love them for that. However, one thing that sets them at par with North Indian weddings is the outfits, accessories, and makeup. A South Indian bride is expected to look a certain way for all her wedding functions. Be it the jewelry, saree, or hairdo-everything the bride wears needs to be perfect. And if you are going to be a South Indian bride soon, a Telugu bride in particular, and don't want to go overboard with outfits and makeup, here are five ways to dress up simple and look your absolute best at your Telugu Matrimonial wedding. So dear brides, read on, and you can thank us later. 

  1. Opt For A Basic Saree: Every Telugu bride opts for different sarees for each function. And if you are planning to opt for sarees, keep it simple and basic. A traditional Telugu bride usually wears an off-white saree with a red zari border. The ethnic saree not only looks minimal but lets you experiment with makeup and jewelry. So if you are planning to go classic with your saree, opt for the traditional saree. If not, you can opt for bright, vibrant colors such as fuchsia pink, orange, blue and maroon and get them designed with heavy embroidery. The heavy saree is only good if you plan to go light on the jewelry for your Telugu Matrimony. So either go with a basic saree and heavy jewelry or opt for a heavy saree and simple jewelry. The idea here is to strike a perfect balance between the two. 
  1. Choose Your Jewelry Wisely: A Telugu bride looks visionary in rich gold jewelry that's made especially for her. However, if you are aiming to dress down a bit for your Telugu Matrimony, ensure that you don't go overboard with the jewelry. As a bride, you will have a lot to wear, but it's on you to decide what to wear for which occasion. From Mangala Snaanam to Nischitartham, Kashi Yatra, Gaur, and Ganesh Pooja, there will be tons of functions in your Telugu Matrimonial. So instead of wearing heavy jewelry for all the occasions, you split your precious jewels and strike a perfect balance with your outfit. The idea here is to achieve that simple look you want while looking for the bride of your groom's dream. So we suggest that you opt for simple traditional designs and ditch the heavy patterns. 
  1. Hair And Makeup: While the outfit and jewelry play a key role in deciding your look for the function, it's the hair and makeup that makes or breaks your look. For example, if you select a simple saree for your Telugu Matrimonial but go all out with heavy and loud makeup, it will spoil the look. So, while you decide to take it a notch down for your wedding outfit and jewelry, ensure to do the same with your makeup. Opt for glitters, bronzer, highlighter, etc., for the night events and day functions, opt for a Matt look. This way, your outfits will equally be in focus, and the makeup will complement it well. Now, when it comes to hair, ensure that you choose the hairdo keeping your outfit and makeup in mind. If you are planning to wear a deep blouse, opt for a bun so that you can flaunt that sexy back. 
  1. Use Real Flowers: When it comes to accessories, it doesn't always have to be gold, diamonds, and other precious jewels. You can still look like an absolute Telugu bride by opting for natural things such as flowers. Add a bunch of red roses to your hairdo and elevate that simple look naturally. Red roses not only complement the saree but help you look royal, without putting in much effort. Not only red roses, but flowers like baby's breath, Juhi mogra, and genda phool also scream FESTIVE VIBES, and you must consider using them for your Telugu Matrimony. 
  1. Understand What You Want: Lastly, while keeping everything simple is a good thing, you also need to understand the look you are trying to achieve. You should look like a bride, and people should look at you, so make sure that the things you plan are a crowd stealer. Opt for simple things but style them in a way that makes you stand out. Hence, before your wedding day, put all your wedding looks together and see if things are coming together as you planned. And if not, there's always a chance to tweak things around to achieve the best look. Don't compromise with your vision; ensure that you achieve whatever you have dreamt of. 

So dear Telugu bride, we know your Telugu Matrimonial wedding is approaching real soon and if you are planning to opt for a simple yet elegant look, keep these tips in mind, and we are sure you will rock whatever you wear.

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