5 Things To Consider While Picking Out Your Bridal Jewellery

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As a bride, everything you get to do is exciting. However, there's one thing that brides look forward to the most is picking out bridal jewellery. From intricate designs to the latest trendy jewels, there's a lot a bride can choose. Selecting the right bridal jewellery is necessary- since it not only complements our outfit but also completes our look. So dear bride, if you are doing your bridal jewellery shopping soon, we have some tips for you. These tips will help you decide on the right jewellery and pick something as radiant and beautiful as you. 

On that note, here are five things that you must consider while picking your bridal jewellery. So make a note of these tips, and we are sure you will find the perfect jewellery for your wedding outfits. 

5 Things To Note Before Choosing The Bridal Jewellery 

  1. Always Consider The Neckline: Usually, while shopping for jewellery, brides only consider the type of outfit they are wearing or the occasion they need the jewel for. However, another important thing you need to consider is the neckline of those outfits. We are sure you want your jewellery to be in sync with your dress, and for that, you must consider the neckline of all the dresses you have picked. While shortlisting the jewellery, consider the neckline. For example, if you are wearing a square neck, a choker will do wonders, and if you are wearing a V neck, there's nothing better than a long chain. Besides, you don't want your bridal jewellery to overlap with your dress, so keep the neckline in mind. 
  1. Remember, Less Is More: Yes, you want to look like an absolute diva at your wedding, and you consider yourself a princess, but guess what? Princesses dress subtly too. So, please don't go overboard with the jewellery, and keep it simple and tasteful. You don't want people to focus more on your jewellery and less on you, so pick something dainty and classy. Big neckpieces look good only in movies - in reality, they somehow weigh down the outfit. So to avoid looking EXTRA, try all your jewellery with your outfits before the wedding. This way, you will understand how much accessory is needed on which outfit. At times, all you need is a piece or two to complete your look and if that's the case, stick to it.
  1. Think About The Dress Colour: When it comes to catholic weddings, most brides opt for a white dress, and for North Indian weddings, red, orange, and pink colours are the common ones among brides. However, if you are choosing something different, make sure that you keep the colour in mind before finalizing the jewellery. To maintain the sync, opt for bridal jewellery that complements the shade of your wedding dress. Rose gold jewellery goes well with the warmer tones, while white gold and platinum work well with white colour, so remember the shade of your outfit, and you are good to go. And to ensure that there's no confusion, carry a picture or shade card of your dress with you- this way, you will have no confusion with the colours.
  1. Hairstyle Is Equally Important: The hairstyle you choose for the wedding functions plays a big role in the type of jewellery you intend to wear. If you don a dramatic bun for one of the functions, consider choosing simple earrings; if you will leave your tresses open, you can opt for a big necklace, hence keeping the hairstyle in mind is quite essential. Besides, if you pick floral hair jewellery, you also need to decide on the type of jewellery that will complement the hairdo. If you opt for bright and poppy hair jewellery, you can play down with the ornaments you will wear in your ears and on your neck. To put it simply, you need to think well before finalizing the jewellery since they can make or break the look. 
  • Think About The Future: Yes, a particular set of jewellery is in trend today, but will it be in style tomorrow also? Well, you certainly cannot vouch for that since fashion changes daily. So, if you are investing a hefty amount in your jewellery, make sure that you opt for timeless and classic pieces. Pieces that you can wear after your marriage, something that can be a good hand down to your future kids, and that will always be evergreen. Don't buy anything because you like it and want to have it; think wisely before investing in your jewellery, and take someone along with you so that they can help you make an informed decision. 

So dear brides-to-be, we hope that these tips will help you pick the right jewellery. And besides all this, you must remember how much you buy, the amount you spend, and the brand you buy, all of this doesn't matter if it doesn't suit you well. So make sure that you choose things that define you, complement your look, and make you feel the best version of yourself. Don't follow unnecessary trends, be a trend-setter and make your own trends. On that note, if you have some suggestions, then don't forget to share them with us in the comments below! 

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