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I never thought I would get my life partner right where I was not looking for him. Now I understand the meaning of the phrase - Love will find you. I met Simranjeet on Betterhalf.. I liked his profile too. So, I accepted it. And this is how Betterhalf made us meet. Now we call it a beautiful accident.

Simranjeet & Pavneet

Between Rohan and me, so many things were common. Thanks to my friend who suggested to me Betterhalf as I’m not someone who wanted my parents' involvement in the decision of my marriage. I found Rohan within four days of installing the app.  The fact that I’ll be living my life with Rohan gives me so much pleasure.

Sayani & Rohan

Man, the effort people at Betterhalf put in helping two compatible people meet each other is something that cannot be defined in words! Our connection was so strong that we got engaged within two months after talking for the first time. In the end, I met Mathew here only. For this, I will be indebted to Betterhalf forever!

Priya & Mathew

Thanks to Betterhalf for understanding the aspect of compatibility in a partner-search process! Aditya and I both were looking for a compatible life partner because we knew compatibility drives a relationship forward. We were sure about marriage after the first meeting only! All because of Betterhalf!

Garima & Aditya

One of the many features that immensely helped me find my life partner on Betterhalf was the descriptive bios. Through this, I was able to know Prashant in the most holistic way possible. Once we started to talk, we had no doubts about making the decision of our marriage. 

Anokhi & Prasant
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Gujarati Brides for Marriage

Feeling horrified about having an unlikely match as your Gujarati bride? Well, do not panic, Betterhalf is here to take responsibility for your most amazing Gujarati wedding ever! 

Marrying an ideal Gujarati bride can be a tad difficult when you hardly have any compatible Gujarati girls in your circle. Also, you cannot just marry someone out of the blue unless you know the person really well and connect with him. 

So, Betterhalf, a new age matrimonial website, takes care of all your compatibility and connection issues. The platform is developed with some latest technologies and continually reviewed by experts for better services and matches. 

However, you are required to create a profile and undergo a proper documentation process to get a verified account. The real-time selfie and some beautiful pictures will add to the credibility of your profile and make you more visible to the eligible Gujarati brides. 

All the Gujarati girls on our platform have to go through the same process to help you understand the authenticity of the person. Naturally, the probability of online fraud and deceit is negligible on our website. 

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