Opposites attract, defined!!

Written by
Neha Aswani

Opposites attract, defined!!

Written by
Neha Aswani

Have y’all seen this famous bollywood movie called “Jab We Met”, where the girl is an extrovert and loves to talk, the guy on the other hand is calm and mature. Our new couple Paromita and Jayjit have an impression of the same, only difference is they have it in the real world, lucky aren’t they? 

Let's see what their journey is like….

Our conversation with Paromita- this super adorable lady who couldn't stop talking about how madly in love she, is was such a treat. She with a smiling heart shared how she connected with Jayjit :

When she discovered Betterhalf.ai and her Betterhalf <3   

I saw an ad on Facebook of Betterhalf.ai. I was honestly irritated and wanted to just try.

I installed it and started understanding the app and how the whole matrimony goes like. And within a month I found him. I also asked him how he got here and he said an apple store guy suggested I get on the app. Weirdly cool right?

And I told him I was just here to explore. I started scrolling through his account and went like Ah! He is handsome:p.  I had accepted many other requests  as well which made me uninstall the app soon after because I didn't like how the majority of the guys were communicating.  Although, I spoke to Jayjit before uninstalling and told him that I won’t be available to talk here anymore. And this guy directly asked for my number, I was surprised at first but without putting much thought I simply shared it.

When they spoke or when she spoke and he listened <3 

I was tense most of the time while working and kept thinking what will I talk about when he calls but he being a little decent...texted on WhatsApp. At Least you can think before texting :D

I realised he and I are way different from each other , I used to keep talking and he being so calm simply was and is a good listener. So here he was and I was thinking about him. 

Since we both come from a time committing government jobs, the timings were similar and gladly would give time to each other to talk. We usually spoke till midnight

actually I used to talk and he used to keep listening :p

When mom’s approval and the first “I LOVE YOU” happened 

My mom being a MOM soon realised that I have been involved with someone. I showed her all of his pictures from my phone, showed his profile and the bio data. My mum was interested and she encouraged me to get to know him even better. This made me so happy, a green signal from mom.

So I kept talking to him on calls and  video calls and one day suddenly before I was leaving for the office,I got a text from him saying "I love you",  I was really shook & surprised. I asked him if he is serious and he said he is  pretty damn serious and that he wants to spend his life with me. We then planned to meet.

When they first met or when they first awestruck. 

We couldn't wait to meet but I encouraged him to talk to his parents first and they too were super happy that this guy wants to get married. They were happy that his mind changed about marriage. 

We met in July and he drove all the way to my place. He stayed for 3 days and we celebrated my birthday together. He met my mom as well. 

I was awestruck when I saw him for the first time, he was wearing a kurta. He came to meet me at the bank and everyone was as curious as to who he really was. He was simply too handsome to not look at :p

When she was SOOOOOO sure of him

I was so sure of him that I spoke to my father too after he left, he was unsure at first but later agreed to meet him. Jayjit came all over again to meet my father. How much of a gentleman is he?

I am sure it's him because he is so understanding, and I always wanted someone who would be that way, a little opposite than me. Both of us LOVE travelling so I am excited to do that together. 

 I can blabber so much and he doesn’t get tired of me, Oh! It;s him for sure!  <3

When she expressed her gratitude towards us :p <3

I just want to say THANK YOU, really. I can't express this enough. I have been recommending Betterhalf.ai to all my friends one after the other:p 

I BELIEVE they too are enjoying the app and will find their one true love like I did. 

-with love, for love

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