What is an Ideal Marriage Biodata Format for Boy

Looking for ideas about what and what not to write on a marriage biodata for boy? Still, confused about the correct format and how to make your marriage biodata for boy look appealing? Well, the article is the only answer to all your questions. Keep reading to find out!

A Marriage biodata is quite similar to your professional resume for a job. The only difference is the purpose of the former is to help you find the best groom or bride for yourself while later lands you a good job. Naturally, a marriage biodata for a boy has to be appealing and showcase his strong points to get him a good match. Wish to know more about its significance and format? Well, keep reading to know what would be an appealing marriage biodata format for the boy and which details you must include in the same.

Significance and Meaning of Marriage Biodata

A marriage biodata plays a significant role in determining the perfect match for you. It will bring you to the notice of all the potential brides who are looking to get married. It is a piece of paper where all your assets and good qualities are summarized in a way to make it look more appealing and interesting to your potential match. It increases the chances of finding a compatible match. However, you will not be the only one sending marriage biodata. You will also receive it from girls to determine who matches the best with you. It is also a kind of legal document where all your information and personal details will be there.

Marriage Biodata Format For Boy

A perfect marriage biodata for boy should contain a proper detail of you in a descriptive way. You can easily create your marriage biodata with the templates or formats available online or in Microsoft word. Follow the below-given steps for the latter. 

Personal Details

An ideal marriage biodata format for boy shall foremost include your personal details in separate lines. You have to write your name, name, height, religion, caste, sub-caste, location, marital status (divorced, widow, never-married, etc), phone number, and email address. 

  • Your Name
  • Age in years (Date of Birth)
  • Height (Example: 5’10”)
  • Religion, Caste, Sub-Caste
  • Location (City/Town)
  • Never Married/Divorced/Annulled
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Educational Qualifications and Career Detail

The next crucial step is to write your academic and career details yet. It shall include your matriculation and 12th percentage, completion year of your graduation, or your highest qualification, name of your school and college, etc. Also, include information about the extracurricular activities you have excelled (if any). Likewise, your professional details shall include your current company name or the companies you have previously worked for, your current work title under the name of the employer, and your income per year or per month.

Family Background

Write a few lines about your values and family background. However, make sure it should look crisp and clear to understand. Do not stuff all the details in one line. Take a look to understand.

  • Name of your father, profession
  • Name of your mother, profession
  • Number of siblings
  • Family status (Middle-Class/Upper Middle-Class/ Upper-Class)
  • Family orientation (Orthodox/Moderately Conservative/Liberal)
  • Family type (Nuclear family/Joint family)

Other Information

Include all other things in a marriage biodata format for girl that you wish to see in your prospective groom. You can further include details like Raashi, Nakshatra, Gotra, place of birth, time of birth, etc. Here is a complete marriage biodata format for girl. Take a look to avoid any confusion or mistakes.

Rishi Mehra

  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Raashi
  • Nakshatra 
  • Height
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Subcaste
  • Gotra
  • Manglik
  • Education
  • College Name
  • Employed in
  • Organization Name
  • Annual income

Family Details

  • Father’s name
  • Father’s occupation
  • Mother’s name
  • Mother’s occupation
  • Total brothers
  • Total sisters
  • Married brothers
  • Married sisters
  • Sibling’s occupation

Contact Details

  • Address
  • Phone number

So, this is what an ideal marriage biodata for a boy would look like. So, you can either copy it as it is with your personal details on MS Word or download a marriage biodata from some platform where they already have a format.

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