What is Guna Milan Score in Kundali Matching?

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Kundali Matching. When you hear this term, you automatically think of an Indian marriage. The reason being is that most marriages in India do not happen without going through this process. When you are deciding on choosing your life partner, with whom you’re going to spend the rest of your life, you must be 100% sure. And that’s where Kundali matching helps you. Under the Kundali matching process, experienced astrologers go through the horoscopes of the bride and groom to see the chances of success of their marriage. Some people also opt for the online Kundali matching platforms to see compatibility. 

Now let’s understand the process of Guna Milan in the Kundali match. Well, the matching of the horoscopes of two people is to check the number of Gunas matching between a bride and a groom. There are a total of 36 categories across eight categories known as Koot. That’s why the process is also known as Ashtakoot Milan. Each Koot has a certain set of Gunas that are matched during the Kundali matching process. In the below table, you can have more information about them. 

So, you can see the first Koot is assigned a maximum of one point, the second Guna as maximum 2 points and so on in increasing order. If you add the score under all the Koots, you get a maximum score of 36. 

So, once the Kundali matching is done, astrologers reach a final score of 36. Based on this score, you can decide whether to go ahead with a marriage or not. Mainly, there are four scenarios or cases regarding the Guna Milan Score in the Kundali matching process. You can learn about each of them below. 

Guna Milan Score is less than 18. What Does it Mean?

The first one is when the Kundali matching or Guna Milan score is less than 18. For example, if a boy and girl go through the Kundali matching and their score comes as 12, it means the sum of consistent qualities across eight Kutas is only twelve. In the case of such scenarios, astrologers don’t recommend going ahead with marriage as it is considered that their marriage life will be filled with trouble. A couple must have at least a score of 18 to go ahead. 

Also, you should know that two cases of Kundali matching might have the same score but the same score can be coming from different Koota aspects. 

Guna Milan Score is between 18 to 24. What Does it Mean?

This is the second case of Kundali matching when the score is between 18 to 24. For example, if a score comes out as 22, it means that across different Koots, the sum of qualities matching is 22. Usually, with a score between 18 to 24, the match is considered average and there are fair possibilities for marriage. However, it is believed that compatibility between such a couple will be pretty average. But it’s still better than a score below 18 and people always go ahead with marriage with a score between 18 to 24.

Guna Milan Score is between 25 to 32. What does it Mean?

Coming to the third case when the guna milan score is between 24 and 32, such a score is always good news. Astrologers believe that if a Kundali matching score is anywhere between 25 and 32, the couple will have a pretty successful marriage. Astrologers will recommend going ahead with the marriage as the bride and groom will have a peaceful and happy marriage life. 

Guna Milan Score is more than 32. What does it Mean?

Well, if you and your to-be life partner get a Kundali matching score of more than 32, you should not waste any time in marriage. Such a score is considered to be a match made in heaven. Not many people get such a high score after their Guna Milan process. Anything above 32 indicates that there are high chances that the couple will have a highly successful marriage and they will remain super duper happy after marriage. 

You should also remember one thing, a Kundali matching score does not guarantee anything. Marriage is all about compatibility and understanding each other’s likes and dislikes. Even two people with a high score in Kundali matching can have a bad marriage and even the people with a low score could have a successful marriage life. So, Kundali matching is just a prediction about the success of a marriage. 

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