What is Bhakoot in Kundali Matching?

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Bhakoot in Kundali Matching

Indian marriages are a treat to the soul who likes to explore different cultures and traditions involved in a marriage. A lot of traditions are involved in Indian marriages starting from kundali matching before marriage to Gruhapravesam after marriage. Every tradition is being followed for hundreds of years or even thousands.

Among all the other traditions, kundali matching is the most important because it acts as an important factor to decide on marriage. Kundali matching involves the matching of the potential bride and groom’s horoscope to check the life of the couple together. A good outcome will lead to a happy and healthy marriage. 

The kundali matching process involves matching the eight important koota each representing an important aspect of the marriage life. A guna or point is allotted to each koota which sums up to a total of 36 gunas. A marriage can be successful if the horoscope of the potential bride and groom gets a guna of 18 or above. Following are the eight koota that will be checked when matching the horoscopes;

  • Varna
  • Vashya
  • Tara
  • Yoni
  • Gruha Maitri
  • Gana
  • Bhakoot
  • Nadi 

These eight koots are known as ashtakoota which is a combination of two words, ashta and koota where ashta means eight and koota means part or division. The process of matching the ashtakoota is known as the kundali matching. During this process, astrologers will check the alignment of the stars in the horoscope of the bride and groom. Any couple with less than 18 gunas is not recommended for marriage. Let’s look at the Bhakoot koota in kundali matching. 

What is Bhakoot koota?

Bhakoot koota is the seventh koota in the ashtakoota matching and this koota holds seven gunas out of the total 36 gunas. This koota helps understand the health and emotional compatibility of the couple after their marriage. It also helps in analyzing the welfare of the couple in terms of finances after their marriage. 

Bhakoot koota matching is important in the ashtakoota matching as it holds the second highest point (seven points) among the kootas. In Bhakoot koota matching, the points are allotted based on the zodiac sign of the bride and groom. The below table shows a clear representation of the point allocation.

If the bride and groom belong to the same zodiac sign, then they can get the full 7 points. And the set of combinations for the Bhakoot koota kundali matching is 1/1, 1/7, 2/12, 3/11, 4/10, 5/9 and 6/8. These combinations are further divided into two categories namely, auspicious and inauspicious. 

  • The auspicious group contains the following set - 1/1, 1/7, 3/11 and 4/10.
  • The inauspicious group contains 2/12, 5/9 and 6/8 combinations. 

Let’s look at the combinations in detail.

The same zodiac type (1/1) - This type will create a strong connection between each other because of the similarities they share. 

The 1st and 7th positions (1/7) - This is also called Sama and Saptak positions where the couples have complementing personalities. They can also have a healthy marriage if they find a common ground and fit into each other. 

The 2nd and 12th positions (1/7) - This is the Dwirdwadash position when the marriage looks one-sided. In this position, one partner puts a lot of effort in the relationship which might cause problems in their marriage life. 

The 3rd and 11th positions (3/11) - It is a beneficiary position for the couple where they can support each other to grow.

The 4th and 10th positions (4/10) - Another good position for the couple in the Bhakoot koota kundali matching. When everything goes well, the couple can grow in their marriage life by creating a strong emotional connection. 

The 5th and 9th positions (5/9) - Navpancham position of the Bhakoot koota matching. Even though this is a good position for marriage, the couple needs to make efforts to maintain a healthy relationship. 

The 6th and 8th positions (6/8) - The Shadashataka position of the Bhakoot koota kundali matching is known for bringing struggles to the couple in their marriage life. They need to face a lot of struggles and should overcome those struggles to lead a happy life together. 

What is Bhakoot dosha?

The auspicious group combinations will get the full seven points of the Bhakoot koota kundali matching. Meanwhile, the inauspicious group gets zero points and also has the Bhakoot dosha. The Bhakoot dosha is considered to be the worst as it might bring financial and health-related problems after marriage. It might even bring problems related to pregnancies. 

The Bhakoot dosha can be cancelled in the following ways.

  • When the potential couple gets full points in the Vashya, Tara and Nadi kootas
  • A proper Graha Maitri and no trace of Gana dosha will help nullify the Bhakoot dosha.
  • Bhakoot dosha loses its power when the zodiac signs of the bride and groom have the same ruling planet. 
  • Only one dosha should exist either it has to be Nadi dosha or Bhakoot dosha. When both exist in the kundali matching of the horoscope, then marriage is not recommended for that couple. 
  • The kundali matching of the couple should have full points in Varna, Nadi and Yoni kootas in the ashtakoota. 
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