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Do you know that numbers can help you understand your life’s purpose? Yes, with the help of an ancient method called Numerology. It helps to determine a person's character traits, future events, or compatibility with other people based on their birth date, name, or other factors

Numerology is an interesting way to interpret an individual’s life and is further divided into the following types

  • Chaldean Numerology
  • Kabbalah Numerology
  • Tamil Numerology
  • Western/Pythagorean Numerology

Among the four numerology methods, we will be discussing the Tamil Numerology method in this article. Let’s understand Tamil numerology in detail.

What is Tamil Numerology?

As the name indicates, this numerology method has its root in the southern state of India, Tamil Nadu. This numerology method is also known as Indian or Vedic numerology and is also one of the oldest numerology methods. Tamil numerology numbers also help people understand the perception of their life. 

The meaning of Tamil numerology numbers helps individuals to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This will help them connect strongly with the world during difficult times. Tamil numerology provides a deep understanding of the important aspects of life involving the alignments of stars and planets. 

According to Tamil numerology, every individual is associated with three numbers and a numerology horoscope. Following are the three numbers in the Tamil numerology method;

  • Psychic Number - This number is calculated based on the birthday of a person and explains your opinion about yourself.
  • Destiny Number -  This numerology number is calculated based on the date of birth of a person. This number explains how the world thinks of you.
  • Name Number - In Tamil numerology, this is the only number that uses an individual's name for the calculation. Corresponding numbers (refer to the table) of the alphabet in a person’s name are used for calculation. This numerology number explains your interaction with others. 

You can refer to this table to calculate the Name number in Tamil numerology. The number 9 is not considered in this numerology method.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

How to Calculate Tamil numerology numbers?

There are three numbers in Tamil numerology, let’s look at how to calculate each of them in brief.

Psychic number

Psychic numbers will tell about how people see themselves and their beliefs. This number is determined by the person’s birthday. 

To find your psychic number, you have to add your birthday. For instance, if your birthday is 17 June, then the calculation is as follows;


Your psychic number as per Tamil numerology is 8.

Destiny number

This numerology number explains how a person views the world. This numerology number is often associated with a person’s karma.

To find your destiny number, you need to add your date of birth. For instance, if your date of birth is 17 June 1998, the calculation will be as follows;

1+7+6+1+9+9+8= 41 =4+1= 5.

Your destiny number is 5.

Name number

The name number in Tamil numerology explains the human connection of an individual. This number is calculated with the help of a person’s name. For instance, if your name is Akhil, then the corresponding numbers of the alphabet are  1, 2, 5, 1, and 3. The name number calculation will be as follows;

1+2+5+1+3= 12 = 1+2=3. 

Your name number in Tamil numerology is 3. 

Tamil Numerology Number Meaning

Even though Tamil numerology is associated with three numbers, destiny numbers are widely used to predict a person’s life. Because the destiny number uses the date of birth of a person. The date of birth is unique compared to the birthday and the name of a person. In addition, destiny numbers act as a governing factor in Tamil numerology. Let’s understand the meaning of Tamil numerology numbers.


Person whose birth date adds up to one is considered to be energetic and enthusiastic. The ruler of all planets, Sun is represented by Tamil numerology number one. These people will be great leaders because of their committed and assertive nature. They are also controlling when it comes to being a leader. 

These people believe in holding high positions. They are also great performers and enjoy what they do, regardless of the field. They will do things only when they like and can’t be forced. In addition, they are luxury lovers and won’t hesitate to spend money on things they like. 


Moon represents the numerology number two. These people are empathetic and bright and also have the most variation in their moods. The Moon goes through a phase from being stunning to undetectable in the next two weeks. Just like their ruling planet, the people belonging to this numerology number are also unpredictable. 

In addition, the Moon represents the mind, and people who belong to this number will be creative. These dreamers will attain tremendous success in their life if they bring their ideas or dreams to reality. They are also emotional, contemplative, idealistic, and skeptical. Their spiritual beliefs make them emotionally strong and help them understand the purpose of their life. 


People who belong to the Tamil numerology number three are full of wisdom. Jupiter is the ruling planet of this numerology number. They are also optimists who never allow anyone to question their intellect. These people are also straightforward, compassionate, truthful, and dignified people. They are also gentle and have immense respect for their elders. These individuals are also active learners and possess great organizational skills. 


As per the Tamil numerology readings, the number four people are grounded and rational thinkers. Uranus is the planet that rules this number. These people also love being adventurous which makes them more interested in materialistic life. On the other hand, they are reliable and in need of true love. These individuals are also full of suggestions and know the right place to incorporate their ideas. 


Individuals who belong to the Tamil numerology number five are zesty and ruled by the planet Mercury. People love to be around these people because they help in uplifting the mood of those around them. They are also tremendous motivators who help people to achieve their goals which seem impossible to them. 

The number five people are highly adaptable to new environments and are perfect companions for people who are at their lowest. They also focus more on their health and will try their best to stay fit and healthy. In addition, these people are active learners and are ready to widen their boundaries to learn new things and solve problems that are beyond their limits. 


Venus is the ruler of the people who belong to the Tamil numerology number six. These people are charming, united, and stable. They are highly compassionate, trustworthy, and emotional. Their emotional trait makes them less rational and logical. They don’t believe in scientific facts and logic when it comes to caring for others(especially their loved ones). Because these people find peace in inserving others.


Neptune is the ruler of the people who have the Tamil numerology number seven. This number represents the magical and intuitive nature of the individual. They believe in mystical and metaphysical entities and are more rational than logical. These people possess more knowledge but choose not to be involved in the conversation. 

Number seven people are more interested in spirituality. They are more interested in visiting religious places and acquiring spiritual knowledge. These people can attract people towards them. 


Saturn is the planet that rules the people who belong to the Tamil numerology number eight. They are strange, stubborn, and independent. In addition to that, they are also competitive and inclined to materialistic things. As for the professional side, they are creative, good at performing tasks, and visionary. 


Mars is the ruling planet of the number nine and represents the visual style which makes them very transparent. These people will also take time to open up or connect with others. In addition to being sensitive and sympathetic, these people are proud of their discipline and spirituality. They also know how to balance life in the best possible way.

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